Ecowellness Consulting Ltd. provides the following training in Europe in collaboration with the European Forest Therapy Institute;

  • Certified Forest Therapy Guide Training (10 days)

  • Certified Forest Bathing Guide Training (7 days)

  • Forest Bathing Training for Spa’s and Hotels (3 days)

For further details on these trainings please go to

For information on pricing and availability, please contact or 0879320914.

Ecowellness Consulting Ltd. facilitates the following training in Ireland;

  • Nature Based Interventions for Positive Mental Health (2 days)

  • Introduction to Forest Bathing & Forest Therapy (1 day)



Nature Based Workplace Wellbeing

Ecowellness Consulting Ltd. deliver unique and innovative workplace wellbeing interventions. These interventions are based on the latest cutting edge research on nature and human health. Interventions vary from an hour lunch time session to a full day nature and wellbeing experience. Please contact for further details on duration and pricing so we can design a bespoke experience for you. Workshops include;

  • Mindfulness in Nature Lunchtime sessions

  • Shinrin-Yoku/ Forest Bathing Experiences

  • 6 week Forest Therapy Programme for Occupational Stress & Burnout

  • Integrating nature based solutions into your workplace

  • Promoting positive mental health through nature connection

  • Nature & Wellbeing Day




Ecowellness Consulting Ltd offers consultancy, advice and mentoring to individuals, organisations and companies in relation to nature based solutions and nature based interventions for positive mental health and wellbeing.

 We are available to speak at national and international conferences and seminars.




Shinrin- Yoku/ Forest Bathing experiences

We facilitate Forest Bathing/ Shinrin-Yoku experiences in parks, gardens and forests; nationally and internationally for private groups. These are bespoke tailored packages that include half day, full day and two day nature immersive experiences. These are gentle guided walks that enhance wellbeing through sensory connection in nature. There is a strong evidence base supporting these walks. Forest Bathing/ Shinrin-Yoku walks have been shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve mood, boost the immune system and improve sleep. If you would like to book a private tour for your group please contact Just click on picture below to get a glimpse of Shinrin-yoku