“The training allows for the participants to explore their own thoughts and feelings about their own health and wellbeing and their connection with nature. This is very important as it is an essential element of being able to deliver successful nature based interventions for others” Michelle, Dublin

“Wonderful opportunity to gain direct experience of the range of nature based therapies available, and to access the evidence base that has been established regarding these and public health” Lorna , Wicklow

“I would recommend this course for anyone working in mental health practice to explore as an optional intervention” Ciaran, Dublin

“I really enjoyed the experience personally and gained important skills and knowledge which I could use in my professional work. It’s been healing. I would highly recommend this course for everyone” Tom, Kerry

“This course was a precious opportunity to learn about the latest research and nature based projects both locally and within Europe. Shirley & Donal were clear, authentic and effective in their delivery” Sharon, Kildare

“I have been walking in this forest for the past twenty years and I have never stopped to notice the tiny details. Thank you for showing me these” Martin, Offaly

“As the weeks went on, I really looked forward to me switch off from life, to connect with nature and really see the forest for the trees. My mind would segue into non- rumination mode as I bathed my senses. I would highly recommend forest bathing to anyone curious about nature, meditation, mindfulness or simply those who wish to unplug from life. I would also recommend it to anyone who struggles with anxiety or stress” Ruth, Wicklow

“I have continued to walk slow in forest parks and I’m certainly benefiting from this. I’m more grateful for things, I’m more relaxed and I know where to go when I get stressed, to the beautiful place” Marion, Dublin